Altripan, Quality plywood since 1968

About Altripan

Altripan has a proven track record of more than 40 years of acquired knowledge and experience.

Our business model is based on sustainability, quality, continuity, excellent business relationships and integrity.

Altripan is closely involved in the production process of plywood/panel products, and closely control the logistics. We therefore can guarantee high quality plywood, large availability and reliable advice.

Our operations are located in Antwerp (Belgium) and Tilbury (United Kingdom) in order to guarantee easy accessibility and smooth distribution to a wide range of customers located all over continental Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland

Large selection of commodity plywood

With great attention for our customers' needs, Altripan imports and supplies the main distributors, with a large variety of commodity plywood and specialist panel products throughout Europe.

High service level

Altripan always has sufficient inventory on hand of products with the specifications required by all of the market segments that we operate.

Time & money-saving

Flexible logistics ensure that the cargoes can be loaded at our warehouses or be delivered to any European destination.

Continues process control & involvement

We guarantee a unique experience for our customer and supplier partners. We manage the logistics process from the moment the cargo is loaded at its port of origin until it reaches its final destination.

Our product range includes plywood, MDF, hardboard, yellow pine saps KD and Sterling OSB. Click here to see a detailed overview.


  • Determining the product specifications & quality
  • Selection of the appropriate factory for production
  • Production process & quality control
  • Logistics shipping, handling at the entry & transport
  • Quality control at destination